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We Have the Machinery to Get the Job Done!

At Ferris Metal Recyclers, our commitment to excellence extends to our equipment. We invest in the best machinery to deliver a high standard of service and efficiency to ensure we maintain our position as an industry leader in metal recycling in Adelaide. Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to process, handle, and recycle materials efficiently and responsibly, contributing to a more sustainable future. 

We continuously upgrade and maintain our equipment, to guarantee our operations run smoothly and our environmental impact is minimised, aligning with our commitment to sustainable Adelaide metal recycling and responsible scrap metal processing.

Our Impressive Equipment Lineup

250-Tonne Non-Ferrous Baler

This powerful baler efficiently compacts non-ferrous materials, preparing the material for export.

Forklift fleet from 4 tonne to 32 tonne

Equipped with clamps and rotators, these forklifts enable us to efficiently move and manage materials within our facility.

A fleet of Liebherr material handlers

With these robust material handlers, we can effortlessly sort, load, and transport materials across our facility.

Liebherr 956 track excavator

Featuring an MSD 4000 labounty cutting shear, this excavator is an essential part of our fleet, for offsite jobs that require shearing of heavy scrap metal.

60-Tonne Electronic Weighbridge

Ensuring accurate weighing of materials, this weighbridge is an essential tool for precise measurement.

2 x 1000-Tonne Lefort Shear Balers

These shear balers ensure efficient and powerful compaction of scrap materials, preparing them for export to overseas

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