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Site Clean-ups

Image of a crane lifting a pile of scrap metal
Close up image of a crane picking up rust metals
Site Cleanups & Scrap Removal

While some people can deliver their scrap metal directly to our site, we understand not everyone is able to do that. Therefore, we have dedicated a team of professionals to site cleanups – so that all you have to do is have the metal on your site ready to be removed.

Whether your site is a factory, farm, mine, railway – or something else altogether – we can organise for our team to come to you and remove your metal waste. We have prior experience with all sorts of site cleanup projects, ranging from one-off jobs to long-term management of metal clearance.

The only things we can’t accept are fixed structures, as we are not qualified in demolition. However, as long as the metal is loose, we should be able to take it off your hands. Please note that we do not offer any home collections.

Site cleanups are a financially efficient way of removing your waste, as we only take a small deduction from the sum that we pay you for the metal. We will travel to almost anywhere in South Australia, depending on the amount of scrap to be removed. To find out whether we can come to you, just contact us.

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