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Ferris Wins Downer EDI Cleanup

In yet another display of the brilliant reputation Ferris Metal Recyclers has with its railway companies, the ferrous metal recyclers have won a large job at Port Augusta in South Australia to clean up the Downer EDI railyard.

Under the project for rail asset solutions company Downer EDI, Ferris Metal Recyclers will be improving the local environment with the site clean-up, collecting mainly the old ‘rolling stock’ or wheel components of trains.

Huge task ahead

The job at Port Augusta is a mammoth one, with an expected 1,000 tonnes of ferrous scrap metal needing to be collected and recycled. However, no matter how large the job, Ferris has a brilliant track record for getting the job done on time and within budget.

One of the reasons Ferris was chosen for this particular job at Port Augusta is our strong performance in exports markets for ferrous scrap, which makes us difficult to beat when competing for the top jobs.

Ferris Metal Recyclers also has an impeccable health and safety record, working with many different railway companies across Australia. And of course, we have all our insurances and paperwork in place to get the job done efficiently.

About the client – Downer EDI

Downer EDI is no small client. Downer has more than a century’s worth of experience helping customers with rail asset solutions and has more than 1,400 people working for them at around 20 different locations in Australia.

Over the company’s 100 years in the business, Downer has brought in excess of 1,150 passenger cars to different Australian clients. This work has included 624 Waratah passenger cars to Sydney Trains, which was the country’s biggest rolling stock project in history.

Downer has an impressive track record, forming joint venture partnerships with a variety of stand-out players across the country, including Queensland Rail and the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia.

The company specialises in rolling stock and infrastructure for a reduced cost and Ferris is excited to be working with a business of such prestige.

Ferrous metal recycling

Although there has been a dip in scrap metal recycling prices in the past few years, it did climb dramatically from $77 a tonne in 2001, to nearly $500 a tonne in 2008.

By cleaning up the railyard effectively and in a professional manner, Ferris Metal Recyclers will prevent theft from the yard and recycle the materials in the best possible way.

This means being environmentally responsible and professional in the clean-up.

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